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How can we develop viable SDG projects and implement them at short term ?

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Acting for purpose


We fully support UN Habitat’s SDG strategy, as well as the New Urban Agenda.  


Novante operates with corporations, financial institutions, local and national authorities, providing practical and effective solutions on a case by case basis.

We rely on top expertise in the fields of project development and structured finance.  

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Our main goal is to make things happen, putting inclusive growth into practice.

Many innovative instruments and technologies are available; there is a tremendous amount of know-how, and resources. It is a matter of creating the right matches, making concrete progress.

As UN Habitat’s Executive Director Mrs. Mohd Sharif expressed at WUF 10:
The priority is to move, making things happen, generating concrete and tangible results, at short notice.

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Our offer

  • Assessment & planning of urban and territorial development schemes
    Based on methodologies such as City Prosperity Index, City & Territorial Matrix

  • Clustering 
    Bringing together actors to foster innovative SDG/ inclusive growth driven projects 

  • Corporate sustainability programs.Finding ways for corporations to safely commit to an SDG agenda

  • Financial structuring

  • Financial instruments : Creation of SDG investment vehicles; SDG certification

  • Social acceptance of large industrial projects – compensation models for communities and territories, based on longlasting value creation

  • Resettlement


  • Project structuring and development

  • Social dialogue
    Strategies to engage with non-financial stakeholders

  • Societal purpose; advocacy

  • CSR advise

  • Enterprise project – employee mobilization 


Putting corporations at the heart of SDG’s – and vice versa


Corporations are considered key actors of the sustainable transition.

Yet most corporations find it difficult to meet the increasing expectations they are facing from internal and external stakeholders, including markets and clients.

We create the conditions allowing corporations to engage in a safe and meaningful way.

We call on every corporation willing to contribute directly to SDG investments in a safe and guaranteed environment to work with us, under the umbrella of the SDG agenda.

to Cornerstones


creating a longlasting, systemic impact

projects are investment-based / bottom-line driven

strong governance, strict compliance, transparency and accountability

inclusive growth depends on the ability to craft co-alitions bringing together :

  • industrial expertise

  • financial ingenuity

  • local forces


is key:

  • working with civil society and the local associative tissue

  • drawing on the communities’ strength

encompassing vision on the three pillars:

  • sustainable infrastructure needs

  • economic growth potential

  • social resilience

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Operations in Latin America, West and Central Africa, SE Asia, Middle East.

Based on a broad coalition with industries, territorial decision makers, policy makers, financial institutions.

  • Territorial development plan for the region adjacent to the world’s largest copper mine.

  • Setting up a territorial development fund to generate local shared value for an Amazon-based mining project.

  • Elaborating a Sustainable Amazon Settlement programme, as part of a re-location scheme: ensuring sustainable forest exploitation, based on self-sufficiency and micro-economic enhancement,  whilst improving the living conditions of the communities (public tender).

  • Micro-economic enhancement programmes for local communities, based on voluntary commitments of industrial operators.

  • World Bank study regarding the socio-economic policies for large hydropower facilities in Brazil.

  • Urban development schemes, with a focus on integrating informal settlements.

  • Elaborating projects based on innovative technologies: satellite applications, clean water, used water treatment, social housing, protein supply, sustainable rainforest agriculture, food self-sufficiency.

  • Integrated development of port/thermal power plant/ mining/ railroad project, including urban development and inclusive growth scheme – with the full funding attached. 


Ethics and compliance

Novante is strictly committed to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and codes related to ethics and compliance, including relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption, including but not limited to the Bribery Act 2010. Novante subscribed to the Engie Ethics&Compliance Policy, Engie being one of the early subscribers to GlobalCompact. Novante’s management was trained in its capacity of ethics&compliance officers within Engie, which was Novante’s majority shareholder and business angel during the 5 years inception period, until 2019.

to Team


Novante is at the heart of a broad coalition of specialist partners, for studying and structuring projects. Its network includes Rebel, ERM, SUEZ, Pro Natura, Greenflex, Linkfluence, Sodexo, Instituto Dialog, Palladium, Herbert Smith, Vigo, Be-Linked, Tractebel Engineering, BNEDT, International Hydropower Association, Catapult – Satellite Applications, NTD France, Biotec Amazonia, Kroll/Duff&Phelps, Parimage, Cabinet DME, Barclays, Insuco, Siradel, BNDES, OECD Business for Inclusive Growth; OECD mining forum, IFC Sustainability Exchange, FSG, IMD sustainability network and Sherpa, as well as individual experts, with a specific sectoral/geographical clout. 

Jacques Van Hee

Founding partner


Given my background in international business development and corporate affairs, for many years, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of key actors: with global corporations and large institutions, as well as with civil society; with those who have wealth and power, as well as with those who are considered poor; with urban citizens and administrators, as well as with indigenous communities.

Over the course of my career, I developed a benchmarking experience, helping clients to integrate their societal challenges in a constructive – and profitable- way.

My personal purpose is to capitalize on the constructive forces in society, making things happen.


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George J. Gendelman


Prior to becoming a Senior Consultant, I co-founded and managed The Planetworkshops, a 360° and international network of SDGs experts, as well as founded The Planetworkshops Institute which combined monitoring and research on emerging subjects, with key competencies in order to undertake socially responsible industrial projects.

I've always believed that sustainable should and can rime with reasonable and profitable.


Alejandro Jara Weitzmann


An economist specializing in the fields of sustainable development, impact investment frameworks and digital social innovation, I contributed to the development of Novante since its inception.

Co-Founder of Smart Republic (French Pole Financial Innovation, Global Entrepreneur Programme UK, member of DXtera).

Advisor to the World Bank working groups and UN agencies on sustainable impact networks initiatives; senior advisor in the mining and energy sectors; representative to the UN Global Compact; member of the ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies Fund, pioneering the Green Energy Fund.

My personal drive is to craft benchmarking solutions including for corporations by integrating new technologies and social impact platforms.


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Carlyle House, Lower Ground Floor,
235 Vauxhall Bridge Road

London | SW1V 1EJ •  United Kingdom 

Please contact us by email

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